Too Many Vacation Choices?

Vacation planning is often spur of the moment and to destinations that are not memorable when you think about them later.  To avoid that, have a specialist in planning cruises assist you is selecting the port of call and activities you will remember for years to come.  My name in Arthur Fessenden and I have traveled extensively to many countries as well as visited all 50 states of the United States of America.
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Building Memories, One Vacation At A Time

Having a trip be a memorable and enjoyable one can be fun to plan.  It all starts with your destination or in cruising your port of call.

My name is Arthur Fessenden and I am a specialist who knows how to listen, which is an important part of matching you with one of the over 150 distinctive ships and 1800 ports of call.  Imagine having a cruise travel expert help you in discovering your perfect cruise and who can personalize a selection of activities that are available before, during and after your dream vacation.  I help you plan and have an amazing vacation. I have been to 110 countries and all 50 states so I can assist you with my experience.
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Luxury Cruising-The Vacation Of A Lifetime

A luxury cruise is just what it means, a cruise at the upper end of the spectrum.  Visit the most exciting destinations in the world and experience world-class accommodations, food and service at the same time.  A perfect combination to make your vacation one to remember for a lifetime.
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Six Star Celebration

When planning a cruise on one of the 6 star cruise ships, it's always a good idea to have someone who's either been to the region that you desire, has cruised on these ships themselves, as well as having the ability to give you, the client, the best price possible.  The insider benefits to knowing which cruise line would be the best connection for you enables you to have opportunities and benefits that normally would not be available.    A benefit on 6 star ships is the ratio of guests to crew - 1 to 4 and some as low as 1 to 1.

If anyone thinks that the food on a 5 star ship is the epitome of dining, well they are a bit mistaken.  You wouldn't believe that fresh gastronomical delights that you'll be able to enjoy if you select a 6 star ship.  These menus have been produced and are constantly reviewed by several famous Chefs, which makes the dining an absolute treat of the day.  Tell me what kind of food you like and I can connect you to the exact cruise line that will be an eating delight for your entire cruise.

    This entire experience, as well as others, can happen if you just contact me so that we can talk about some options.  My job is to get the client on the ship of his or her dreams. Tell me how I can help you.

    You can live anywhere in the world and I can still help you plan the cruise of your dreams.

    Having a 6 Star Cruising Specialist Assist You

    When you have gathered the basic information about how long you want to schedule for a cruise and the area of the world you want to explore, the next step is getting a specialist to assist you with the details so your experience is one that will be memorable and special.  To connect with someone who has traveled extensively to 110 countries and knows how to listen to what you want to create as your package for your vacation (even if you have never been on a cruise before) you can have confidence in my services. Your next step is here:      Go to the Contact Us link in the navigation bar and let's begin the trip of your lifetime.