Vacation planning is often spur of the moment and to destinations that are not memorable when you think about them later.  To avoid that, have a specialist in planning cruises assist you is selecting the port of call and activities you will remember for years to come.  My name in Arthur Fessenden and I have traveled extensively to many countries as well as visited all 50 states of the United States of America.

Let me use my knowlegde base and plan a 6 star cruise for your next vacation.  My services are free and you will remember the cruise forever because I am an excellent listener and can match you with the trip of your dreams.  To help me assist you, have a choice of destinations in mind so I can narrow the choices.  There are 150 ships and 1800 ports of call to choose from for the exact match for you.  Not only will you have great memories, it will be one of the easiest trips you have ever taken because my experience will guide your preparation.   For answers to frequently asked questions visit my site:

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