Having a trip be a memorable and enjoyable one can be fun to plan.  It all starts with your destination or in cruising your port of call.

My name is Arthur Fessenden and I am a specialist who knows how to listen, which is an important part of matching you with one of the over 150 distinctive ships and 1800 ports of call.  Imagine having a cruise travel expert help you in discovering your perfect cruise and who can personalize a selection of activities that are available before, during and after your dream vacation.  I help you plan and have an amazing vacation. I have been to 110 countries and all 50 states so I can assist you with my experience.

The experience of being at sea is a total feeling of freedom unlike any other experience. Allow me to assist you with your planning so you can relax and enjoy every minute.  By the way, my services are free. For more information go to http://www.artofcruising.com

Happy Cruising,
Arthur Fessenden
The Art of Cruising
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