Cruising Categories Explained

Did you know that all cruise lines are rated? While all cruises are excellent values, cruise ratings help you to know the level of service to expect when choosing a cruise line.  Ratings are based on excursions, food, entertainment, and of course service.
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Make Mine a 6 Star Cruise Please!

When you select a cruise you want to consider the food, the service and the overall atmosphere on the ship. Room size as well as ship size can impact your overall enjoyment of the sail so be sure to attend to those details when selecting. Another detail to consider is the space per passenger ratio so you can have the most relaxed and uncrowded atmosphere possible.
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Enjoying Sunrises and Sunsets During Your Cruise

The Sun on the Sea
   One of the things you can enjoy at sea is being able to see sunrises and sunsets completely from beginning to end.  Reminds me of a story of a letter that a child wrote to God: “Dear God, I didn’t think that purple and orange went together until I saw your sunset on Thursday.”Imagine seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset in a peaceful setting from the ship.  Clouds, wind and waves can also change the appearance of the what you are watching, so, if you enjoy seeing sunrises and sunsets this will definitely be a benefit you can enjoy every day of your cruise.  Be sure you take a camera to capture those memories.
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