The Sun on the Sea
   One of the things you can enjoy at sea is being able to see sunrises and sunsets completely from beginning to end.  Reminds me of a story of a letter that a child wrote to God: “Dear God, I didn’t think that purple and orange went together until I saw your sunset on Thursday.”Imagine seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset in a peaceful setting from the ship.  Clouds, wind and waves can also change the appearance of the what you are watching, so, if you enjoy seeing sunrises and sunsets this will definitely be a benefit you can enjoy every day of your cruise.  Be sure you take a camera to capture those memories.
Unique Places
   Some destinations have special things (mountains, rock formations, islands) on the way to port that they use as special features for tourists so the times of the sunrises and sunsets at different times of the year are actually posted to allow you to be watching at the correct time so you are sure to be able to see the whole event.  Do your research so you know if something like that is available as one of your extra benefits you can experience for the area you choose for your cruise.Use the extensive resources available from our sites below so you can include seeing the sunrises and sunsets in your trip as one of the extra benefits.  Many extras like this are what set your cruises apart from other types of vacations.  Your staff on the ship can also be a resource for you to use to make your trip the most perfectly tailored for your enjoyment.

These things can add to your cruise and give you an extra amazing experience that you can choose to enjoy as you are traveling.

Happy Cruising,
Arthur Fessenden
The Art of Cruising
Twitter: @artofcruising