Dianne Jackson

What can I say about Arthur except he’s the best?   Through the years  “The Art of Cruising”  has booked over 20 trips for me and has handled every detail in an impeccable manner only he possesses. Prior to my relationship with Arthur I used other travel agents who couldn’t hold a candle to his uncanny ability to get the best deals from the best companies.

He’s an expert at individual travel plans and for group travel.   Need a river cruise for a group of 4 friends?   What about a romantic birthday cruise to Tahiti with your husband?  Or say a 60th birthday party cruise to Greece with your 2 best friends?  Along with that birthday party how about a 2 week extension in Italy with a private driver?  Do you need to reward your top 20 clients with a weekend cruise to Mexico including excursions and private buses?   Then Arthur Fessenden is who you should call!!!  He has the expertise as well as the contacts to make all of this happen flawlessly while adhering to your budget needs,  attending to every detail,  and managing to get extras you wouldn’t expect, nor receive,  from other agents.

Perhaps the nicest thing I can say about Arthur is that I consider him a friend as well.  He has an infectious laugh and a true desire to give his clients the trip of a lifetime,  and there’s no doubt he’ll work tirelessly to ensure you’re not disappointed.   Give him a call today – you won’t be sorry!!