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Wizard of Oss – August 25, 2012

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Making Memories: Despite the Economic Downturn, Families are Still Taking Vacations

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Arthur Fessenden
President of The Art of Cruising
Toll Free: 866-942-3340

The largest cruise only agency in North America now has a representative to serve the southeast region. The affiliate in this area will be The Art of Cruising, owned and operated by Arthur Fessenden. Fessenden has served in the Atlanta travel arena for over 22 years. He has lived in the Atlanta area since 1960, has owned his own travel agency, and attended and graduated from West Georgia College in 1975. He has an extensive travel background, traveling to over 110 countries, all 50 states, and has sailed on numerous cruises. For more information please call 770-942-3340 or e-mail at Your dream cruise is just a phone call away!!