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Started by the French and completed by the United States, the Panama Canal is now the biggest man-made canal in the world!  When you sail from the east or the west it takes a full day but you are constantly in awe of the technology and engineering it requires to move massive ships through the canal.   Panama is only open in milder times of the year due to the tropical climate and that makes summer the perfect time to book your trip to Panama.


Hungry for Some Great Food? Think Cruising Italy

Italy is such a fabulous country, I have personally been there five times. A lot of people usually take a cruise from Roma (Rome) to Venice, passing by the boot on the way. Florence is a neat town, located in the heart of Tuscany. An absolutely spatular view is that of the Molfi cost down by Naples.  In the northern part of the country, you have Lake Como and Milan, or pronounced [miˈlaːno]. Italy is widely known for its food, come hungry, because you cannot get a bad meal!

New England Cruise

A very popular cruise is the New England/Canada starting in New York/Boston and cruise through the territories of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and eventually cruising down the St Lawrence river and ending up in Quebec City/Montreal. This North American holiday is low airfare and light on jet lag going northbound or southbound. When taking this cruise in the fall enjoy the beautiful colorful foliage during this historical cruise.