Monthly Archives: August 2017

New England to Canada cruise – Flavor of Europe

Want to get the flavor of Europe without ever leaving the North American continent? The New England to Canada Cruise is right for you! You have a choice of leaving from Boston or New York and arriving in Montreal or Quebec City. Quebec City, personally one of my favorite cities in the world, is home to Chateau Frontenac, one of the most photographed hotels in the world. This hotel has a castle-like structure overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Cruising down St. Lawrence River you pass beautiful places like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. With the amazing French history, excellent food, incredibly nice people, and best of all a very low cost departing from the East coast, I highly recommend this cruise.


One of My Favorite Cruises – Hiroshima and Nagasaki

A cruise of Japan and Hong Kong on Crystal Cruise lines is a favorite for Kristie and me.   Our journey began with a flight to Yokohama, Japan.  With stops in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we toured the museums remembering Imperial Japan and World War II.  You can only imagine the impact it had on us to view some of the displays that had little children’s bikes and shoes burned. Departing from Japan we set sail for Hong Kong, China. This is both an enjoyable and moving cruise, one that given the opportunity you really must take.


Cruising Benefits – Watching Sunrises and Sunsets At Sea

One of the things you can enjoy at sea is being able to see sunrises and sunsets completely from beginning to end.  Reminds me of a story that a child wrote.  In writing a letter to God, the child wrote  “Dear God, I didn’t think that purple and orange went together until I saw your sunset on Thursday.”  Imagine seeing that in a peaceful setting from the ship.  If you enjoy seeing sunrises and sunsets this will definitely be a benefit you can enjoy every day of your cruise.  Be sure you take a camera to capture those memories.