Luxury Cruising – The Vacation Of A Lifetime

A luxury cruise is just what it means, a cruise at the upper end of the spectrum. Visit the most exciting destinations in the world and experience world-class accommodations, food and service at the same time. A perfect combination to make your vacation one to remember for a lifetime.

Cruising Benefits – Watching Sunrises and Sunsets At Sea

One of the things you can enjoy at sea is being able to see sunrises and sunsets completely from beginning to end. Reminds me of a story that a child wrote. In writing a letter to God, the child wrote “Dear God, I didn’t think that purple and orange went […]

Your Dream Cruise Is Just A Click Away

When you are planning a cruise there are so many choices and different experiences that can be selected that it can be overwhelming. The best way to sort through the choices is to have help from an expert who can give you the inside scoop on different areas of the […]


While sailing on the Crystal Symphony to the Black Sea, we stopped in Yalta, Ukraine, to visit the summer palace of the Romanov Family, Livadia. Thousands of tourists visit this Crimean Peninsula palace as this was the sight of the famous Yalta conference of the Big Three, which included President […]

Luxury Cruising – Europe Like Never Before

Mediterranean Sea Cruises are available, because of the weather, from May through the middle of November.  Some of the most popular ports of call in Europe are Nice, France, Barcelona, Spain and Venice, Italy.  Later in the fall are perfect times to visit these areas to get the best value […]

Serenity and Symphony – Crystal Cruise Line

With two amazing ships (Serenity and Symphony), Crystal is a perennial best of class in six star cruise lines. As of May 8, 2012 Crystal will set the bar even higher as they complete the introduction of all-inclusive pricing. All tips, wine, and liquor will be included with Crystal’s legendary […]

Go Down Under – The Australia to New Zealand Cruise

Thinking of going down under? Cruise Australia to New Zealand! An essential thing you will need is a passport with three weeks left before it expires to ensure your safe and pain-free trip back home. You won’t want to miss New Zealand’s South Island including Milford Sound. Sailing from Sydney […]

Six Star Celebration

When planning a cruise on one of the 6 star cruise ships, it’s always a good idea to have someone who’s either been to the region that you desire, has cruised on these ships themselves, as well as having the ability to give you, the client, the best price possible. […]

Too Many Vacation Choices?

Vacation planning is often spur of the moment and to destinations that are not memorable when you think about them later. To avoid that, have a specialist in planning cruises assist you is selecting the port of call and activities you will remember for years to come. My name in […]

Matching The Right Cruise For You

One of the most important things that I or my staff can do is match the right people with the right cruise. We will ask questions like, “Are there kids involved?” or  “Have you cruised before?” and “What is your budget?”   With this we will look at all the […]