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Crystal Cruise Lines – Cruise the Best!

Have you ever wondered which cruise line is voted consistently to be the most luxurious? Crystal Cruise Lines consistently ranks #1 in the 6-star category.  The two ships, the Symphony and the Serenity, accommodate 900 passengers each, and their service, cuisine, entertainment, and accomodations are in a leage of their own. My affiliate is the largest producer of Crystal in the world, and I have personally sailed on four Crystal cruises myself. My affiliate always has a group on every sailing, which enables you to discounts and upgrades that others cannot offer. Crystal covers all corners of this earth from Africa to Asia, from Europe to South America. Once you step onboard, you enter into a sanctuary for the senses. There is always something going on onboard; however, there are no loud speakers to disrupt your rest near the pool. It’s a very calm atmosphere; just sit back and unwind.


Six Star Celebration

When planning a cruise on one of the 6 star cruise ships, it’s always a good idea to have someone who’s either been to the region that you desire, has cruised on these ships themselves, as well as having the ability to give you, the client, the best price possible.  The insider benefits to knowing which cruise line would be the best connection for you enables you to have opportunities and benefits that normally would not be available.    A benefit on 6 star ships is the ratio of guests to crew – 1 to 4 and some as low as 1 to 1.

If anyone thinks that the food on a 5 star ship is the epitome of dining, well they are a bit mistaken.  You wouldn’t believe that fresh gastronomical delights that you’ll be able to enjoy if you select a 6 star ship.  These menus have been produced and are constantly reviewed by several famous Chefs, which makes the dining an absolute treat of the day.  Tell me what kind of food you like and I can connect you to the exact cruise line that will be an eating delight for your entire cruise.

    This entire experience, as well as others, can happen if you just contact me so that we can talk about some options.  My job is to get the client on the ship of his or her dreams. Tell me how I can help you.

    You can live anywhere in the world and I can still help you plan the cruise of your dreams.

    Luxury Cruising-Europe Like Never Before

    Mediterranean Sea Cruises are available, because of the weather, from May through the middle of November.  Some of the most popular ports of call in Europe are Nice, France, Barcelona, Spain and Venice, Italy.  Later in the fall are perfect times to visit these areas to get the best value in your travel and accommodations. 

    From exceptional food to exotic traditions, Nice, Barcelona and Venice are filled with excitement.  There is spectacular scenery, culture and amazing history, shared by each country in this area of the world.  Dating back centuries, these destinations are delightfully mysterious and diverse.  Every city offers something that is truly memorable making them some of the most intriguing destinations in the world.

    Let me use my expertise to your advantage and allow me to locate the right vessel going to the right destination at the right time so your experience is a high point of your year and one to make your most memorable list.  A unique luxury sailing experience is just a click away.  Email me at  for additional information about how I can assist you to connect with this part of the world and to make an appointment to talk.  I’m available EST USA   M-F