See the 10 Best reasons to cruise on a megaship

Cruise line megaships are taking the cruise world by storm. With never-before-seen activities and amenities (plus previously unheard of square footage), mega cruise ships have something onboard for everyone. The most well-known megaships are Royal Caribbean‘s “World’s Largest Cruise Ships”, the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. They’re not the only megaships sailing the earth’s waters, though. Norwegian Cruise Line‘s Norwegian Epic and brand new Norwegian Breakaway ships are 155,873 and 146,600 gross tons, respectively, and have over 20 different restaurants onboard.

Cruising Benefits – Watching Sunrises and Sunsets At Sea

One of the things you can enjoy at sea is being able to see sunrises and sunsets completely from beginning to end.  Reminds me of a story that a child wrote.  In writing a letter to God, the child wrote  “Dear God, I didn’t think that purple and orange went together until I saw your sunset on Thursday.”  Imagine seeing that in a peaceful setting from the ship.  If you enjoy seeing sunrises and sunsets this will definitely be a benefit you can enjoy every day of your cruise.  Be sure you take a camera to capture those memories.

Don’t Miss Out On Local Flavor!

One of the best things to experience on any vacation is the local flavor!  Taking six-star cruises, including large and river cruise lines will ensure you experience flavor from the locals themselves.  These lines make certain to bring in locals when you are at port.  When I was in Israel the crew brought live musicians and actors on the ship.  On another cruise we docked in Belgium and had wine and beer tasting.   Don’t risk missing out on this essential part of cruising, book your cruise with me on one of the luxury six-star lines to ensure you get a true taste of the local community.