New England to Canada cruise – Flavor of Europe

Want to get the flavor of Europe without ever leaving the North American continent? The New England to Canada Cruise is right for you! You have a choice of leaving from Boston or New York and arriving in Montreal or Quebec City. Quebec City, personally one of my favorite cities in the world, is home to Chateau Frontenac, one of the most photographed hotels in the world. This hotel has a castle-like structure overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Cruising down St. Lawrence River you pass beautiful places like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. With the amazing French history, excellent food, incredibly nice people, and best of all a very low cost departing from the East coast, I highly recommend this cruise.


Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines are 4.5 star rated which places them nicely between Carnival Cruise Line (4 star) and a number of five star lines.  Cruisers enjoy dining whenever they want on Norwegian at the abundant dining facilities all over the ship!  For a little bit more money you can dine in their specialty restaurant, which other cruisers report is fantastic. This line is also known to be great for kids and adults, with cruises that go to Hawaii and all around the world!


Stockholm Sweden

While staying in a Best Western in Stockholm, Sweden, I pondered the difference from our culture to theirs.  Wonderful examples of the differences were in my room.  Missing were the common themed prints from American hotels and in their place was a fancy painting with a wild light wrapped around it.  Additionally I found a mini-library, stocked with over thirty books.  Can you image waking up and have thirty library books in your very room?  Not lacking modern comforts, the room also had a DVD player and television.   Visit Stockholm and the Best Western.  I highly recommend it!